Sweet Holiday Treats from Candyprints!


When words fail, say it with CANDY!

Merry Fucking Christmas Candy Gift Box

Merry Fucking Christmas Candy Gift Box

Packaged in an attractive 6″ x 4.25″ x .75″ holiday-themed gift box with foiled print, this white Tutti-Frutti-flavored candy is printed with an assortment of X-Rated messages.

One box contains 3.6 oz. (103g) of candy.


Happy Fucking Holidays Candy Gift Box


Packaged in an attractive 6″ x 4.25″ x .75″ holiday-themed gift box with foiled print, this white Tutti-Frutti-flavored candy is printed with an assortment of X-Rated messages.

One box contains 3.6 oz. (103g) of candy.


X-Rated Christmas Mints 


Each bag has an X-Rated Xmas message and contains approximately 3 pieces. (3.1g) of peppermint candy. One hundred bags per display carton.


Holiday Games by Kheper!


‘Tis the season for fun and games! These festive options from Kheper will liven up any celebration.

The 12 Drinking Games of Christmas

The 12 Drinking Games of Christmas

12 festive holiday drinking games to celebrate Christmas.

The fun doesn’t stop with games like:

  •  Jigger Bells
  • I’m Drinking During a White Christmas
  • Do You Drink What I Drink?
  • Plus many more!

Game Includes:

  • 12 rule cards
  • 2 dice
  • 1 chip
  • 1 dreidel
  • 1 spinner


12 Adult Party Games of Christmas


12 great games to get the holiday parties started!

Have loads of fun with games like:

  • Do You Shave What I Shave?
  • Passing Around the Christmas Crap
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Gamble
  • Plus many more!


12 Sex Games of Christmas


12 ways to make the holidays a little naughtier!

Spice up the nights with games like:

  • Oooh Santa Baby
  • Please Go Down for Christmas
  • Rudolph the Romantic Sex Slave
  • And more!


The 8 Drinking Games of Chanukah


Add some excitement to your Holiday festivities with the 8 Drinking Games of Chanukah.

The fun doesn’t stop with games like:

  • Hanukkah, oh Do-A-Shotukkah
  • Candles Bright, Drinks Tonight Ma’oz Tzur
  • I’m Starting to Slur
  • Plus many more!


  • 8 rule cards
  • 2 dice
  • 1 chip
  • 1 dreidel
  • 1 spinner


Drinking Dreidels 


The VERY fast-paced holiday drinking game where players spin their dreidels, follow the instructions and pass them on before someone ends up with both tops.

Keep it movin’ and try to be the last player remaining to get rid of both dreidels!

Plays like speed quarters but a lot more fun!

I Never Have… But I Will by Kheper Games


The crass party game with over 600 DARES!

After an I Never Have statement is made, players indicate who of them have never done the action.

The first of these players who announces, “But I Will” then acts out the dare and earns the card as a point.

Play for points or as a drinking game! You can even offer a prize to the winner, such as candy, wine, a back rub, or a spanking!

Includes: a die and 100 dare cards.

Disco Cups by Kheper Games

disco cups.jpg

Be the life of your next party with these stunning cups!

Disco Ball Cup


Get down with this funky cup that is totally hip!

A super groovy accessory, perfect for any cool-cat. Can you dig it?

Holds approximately 12 oz.



Disco Pineapple Cup



Go for the gold with this stylish golden Disco Pineapple Cup.

Be the life of your next party, or enjoy a tropical beverage at your next beach or pool outing, with this stunning cup.

Great for theme parties!

Holds approximately 28 oz

The Biggest Sex Inventions of the Year (So Far) – According to Glamour.com


“Sex tech gets better and more mind-blowing every year, and 2017 has been no exception. Companies founded by and geared toward women are receiving more funding and support than ever, and machines like sex robots and long-distance, touch-transmitting gloves—previously only seen in sci-fi movies—are now seeing the light of day. Some of them are a double-edged sword: On the one hand, being in a long-distance relationship is more feasible than ever, thanks to couple apps and remote- and app-controlled vibrators. On the other hand, the more intimate data you supply to technologies like these, the worse the potential impact of a hack could be on your personal info. Like most things, the impact of sex tech will depend on how we use it. For better or for worse (hopefully better!), we’ve seen some major sex tech inventions pop up so far this year. Here are some of the biggest.”

Club Vibe 3.OH


This vibrator—a revamped, rechargeable version of an existing toy—buzzes along with whatever sounds it picks up from your surroundings, from footsteps to music. Wear it to a club and there’ll be a party going on in your pants. Fair warning, though: If your goal is to get off, you’re probably better off using it in “wireless remote control mode” than “club mode,” which tends to make the vibrations pretty inconsistent.

The Mimic


This new Clandestine Devices toy has a shape unlike any other sex toy, ergonomically designed to fit in your hand or over your vulva. All the intricate bends, folds, and tips also let it buzz on a super-localized spot or a more diffuse area, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Plus, it looks like a cute little stingray!

Video-synched Sex Toys


Imagine having your vibrator’s movements match whatever porn you were watching with no effort on your part. Well Pornhub is one step closer to making that futuristic premise a reality, thanks to its new set of videos in which the action controls the movements of sex toys. Unfortunately, it currently only works with Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Onyx—both toys for penises—but Pornhub plans to add videos that connect to vibrators toys in the future. We hope they get on that soon, for the sake of the quarter of Pornhub users who are women.

Womanizer 2Go

Womanizer 2go

The Womanizer is famous for its suction technology, which creates air waves around the clit that lead many women to orgasm within a minute. Its latest iteration is lipstick-shaped, so you can toss it right in your purse or your carry-on.

The Biggest Sex Inventions of the Year (So Far) BY SUZANNAH WEISS was originally posted on  Glamour.com