Risqué Card Games from Little Genie!


For more than a 18 years, Little Genie Productions has been consistently turning out products that promote fun and enhance intimacy.

Here are a few new additions to their popular party game collection!

Spank Me! Card Game


Spank Me will have you giggling and your bottom jiggling as you play our hilarious party game.

The play is a simple ‘Go Fish’ style game, but  instead of “go fish,” you say Spank Me!

The game will have you asking risqué questions like:  “Do you have nice knockers?” or “Do you have a wet pussy?”  If your cheeks don’t get pink from laughter they will with the paddling you will receive if you can’t give your opponents the cards they’re looking for.


  • 101 cards
  • 80 matching cards
  • 10 special action cards
  • 10 winner rewards cards
  • 1 instruction card


Take It Off!


This rummy-inspired stripping card game is great for 2-8 adults.

To play, you must get a whole boy or girl outfit collected to get anyone to “take it off.”

The added “Challenge Cards” keep the game flowing, and the more you take off the hotter the party gets!


  • 104 Cards
  • 8 Girl Outfits
  • 8 Boy Outfits
  • 22 specialty cards



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