Molly’s Favorite Things


Team Holiday has been sharing their Favorite Things with me this week, and I saved myself for last.

It was REALLY hard for me to pick just 5 things, so I’m cheating a little by adding a few extras.

Here are my own personal faves!

Womanizer Deluxe


This REALLY works as advertised. I love this so much, that when I win the lottery I will buy one for every woman I know. Results in 3 minutes or less, ladies!


Hot Rawks


I don’t go a day without my Rawks! I ran out once – NEVER again lol. I like the energy this gives me, the increase in my ability focus, and I can totally notice the boost in circulation because my toys all seem to work better. Plus, I’m pretty sure this helps my immune system because I rarely get sick (knock wood!)


Chocolate ON Arousal Oil


This seems to trick my body into thinking I’ve been having sex already – it gets me that worked up! I think that the Chocolate flavor and scent help add to my experience, too. Because it’s an arousal oil, and not a traditional topical stimulation product, I can combine it with some other favorites, Like High Climax, Dazzle Cream, or Wet wOw.

Tip: I put my ON on while I’m brushing my teeth before we get to it, then add one of the stimulation creams once I’m in the bed 😉 


Vibrator Three-Way Tie: Rave By We-Vibe, Sola Cue, Callie Wand


For external stimulation, my go-to vibes are Sola Cue or the Callie Vibrating Wand. Both have really strong, deep, and rumbly vibrations, and are easy to maneuver into just the right place. I’m not into functions, and prefer levels of intensity, and these two have both options available.

For internal use, IMO Rave by We-Vibe cannot be beat. You use it by inserting and twisting, rather than thrusting, for maximum effect. It’s that asymmetrical shape combined with those rumbly vibrations that makes Rave feel like nothing else I’ve tried.


Body Care 3-way Tie – Sliquid Soul, Hemp Seed Lotion, JO Hot Flash Spray


I have had a horrible dry patch due to sun damage on my left hand (from driving in this California sun!) for as long as I can remember. Sliquid Soul Skin Conditioning Oil is the only thing that’s ever worked to heal me back to normal.

For regular use throughout the day, I keep Hemp Seed Lotion handy. I’ve got a bottle on my desk, and a small tube in my handbag. You can truly feel it doing good things for your skin, and the scents are amazing.

JO Hot Flash Spray saves my life some days. I’m at that age, and a spritz to my chest and back of my neck cools me right off and helps regulate my body temperature.


Well, there you have it, folks, Team Holiday’s Favorite Things for 2016.

Do you have anything you’d like to add? Please do so in the comments!


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