Tammy’s Favorite Things


I asked Team Holiday to tell me what their 5 favorite things are right now, and I’ll be sharing the results of my mini-survey with you all this week.

First up are Tammy’s Favorites, along with why she loves these items!

Lucidity Skye Light Up Vibe


“Constant re-orders on this item and very happy end users.”


We-Vibe 4 Plus – in Caribbean and Sapphire

4 Plus.jpg


“Love, love to sell these items. The colors are beautiful (especially when side by side in a display). My customers love a change from pink and purple, and they are an exclusive to Holiday which makes them even all the more special!”


Sliquid Soul


“A very new favorite! This coconut oil based moisturizer really does the trick!”


Synergy Excite-Her Bullet


“A powerful bullet and I can be confident in letting my customers know this bullet AND battery pack is COMPLETELY submersible!”


Pure Instinct


“Every customer should have this item available. ESPECIALLY now that Jelique has expanded the Pure Instinct line to offer a lotion, a spray and a candle to this famous pheromone product.”


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