Pure Instinct Pheromone Collection


Get your Pheromone Power On!

The World-Famous Unisex Fragrance – A succulent blend of Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon and honey with a well-rounded base note of white musk – is available in the classic Perfume Oil, and now a body lotion and an all-over body spray.

Pure Instinct Pheromone Unisex Body Lotion


Pure Instinct Unisex Pheromone Body Lotion is enriched with natural skin conditioners like Sweet Almond Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5. Its unique creamy formula provides a protective barrier against moisture loss to help skin maintain its natural balance.

8 oz. Pump bottle.


Pure Instinct Pheromone Unisex Body Spray


Instinctively formulated for alluring Sensuality!

This alcohol-free formula contains white tea, Jojoba seed and sunflower seed extracts to condition and moisturize as it scents the skin. The classic Pure Instinct unisex fragrance appealing to both sexes, and infused with a pheromone sex attractant to enhance sexual attraction.

6 oz. Spray bottle.


Pure Instinct Pheromone Unisex Perfume Oil


Only the highest quality of pheromones are used in this rich combination of rare fragrant essential oils. This scent is light and sensual, so you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite cologne.

Available in the world-famous .5 oz. blue bottle, and a .34 oz. roll-on.



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