Luxury Item Guide: The Must-Haves


If you are a retailer, these are the must-have Luxury items. Trust me, they are all like money in your pocket. 😉

We-Vibe Couple’s Collection – We-Vibe Classic, We-Vibe 4 Plus, We-Vibe Sync


Why I picked it

We-Vibe’s C-Shaped vibrators are the world’s #1 selling toys for couples. They are well known for their ability to please and stimulate both partners simultaneously because they are worn while making love. She gets extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot, and because there is still room for him, together they can both share and enjoy the vibe. All 3 styles available are app-enabled, so partners can play from across the room or across the globe.

Classic has a flexible fit, and is the most recognizable as a We-Vibe. The 4 Plus has a compact, body-hugging shape, and is now offered in many Colors including Holiday’s exclusive shades of blue, Caribbean and Sapphire. Sync offers that compact, body-hugging shape, with the added feature of being completely adjustable to fit every body.

Why stores should carry it

We-Vibe has taken the world by storm since that first appearance on Dr. Oz way back when, and the brand continues to dominate. This is the type of product the general public knows about and is interested in, and that helps bring shoppers into a store they might never think about visiting otherwise.



Womanizer Collection – Womanizer Deluxe, Womanizer Pro40


Why I picked it

There might be imitators on the market, but nothing is like the Womanizer. This is not a vibrator; Womanizer stimulates the clitoris without direct contact. I’ve tried some of the similar items available, and there is truly nothing like a Womanizer experience. I often say that it’s powered by magic, but the product description says it’s Pleasure Air Technology that gives most women an orgasm in 3 minutes or less.

Why stores should carry it

Bloggers, specialist magazines and the like all agree – The Womanizer is an orgasm machine. This is another item that consumers ask for by name, which is what fueled sales in the beginning. Once my customers tried it for themselves, their own personal testimonial for the item is what continues to drive sales now. With the 3 different models – Deluxe, Delight, and the new Pro40 – there are 3 price points available, so this luxury brand now offers a model that fits everyone’s budget.


 LAID Stone Collection


Why I picked it

While LAID’s offerings in Gabbro (granite) and that gorgeous Moonstone can be considered objets d’art, the shapes are highly functional and extra stimulating.

Choose from the D.1 Moonstone Dildo with its asymmetrical curves designed to hit all your hot spots, D.2 Gabbro Dildo with a twisted smooth shaft and flattened head for a fuller feeling and firmer stimulation, or the B.1 Gabbro Butt Plug with its petite yet heavy shape.

Why stores should carry it

I’m seeing more and more folks fascinated with and excited about the idea of using natural stone products in the bedroom, and LAID’s handmade stone collection is readily available to fit that bill. Additionally, these stone products will appeal to your customers that enjoy temperature play sensations usually provided by glass or metal toys.



The Magic Wand and Rechargeable Magic Wand


Why I picked it

The original Magic Wand, aka Hitachi Magic Wand is known the world over as “The Cadillac of vibrators” and the rechargeable cordless version is quickly becoming just as beloved. Everyone should have a wand in their collection, so why not go with the original ones that started it all?

Why stores should carry it

While some products go out of fashion, the Magic Wands will always be iconic. Featured in everything from Sex in the City to Forbs Magazine, it’s what people think of when they hear the term “personal massager.”




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