His & Hers Nipple Kits by CalExotics



When it comes to kits, CalExotics has the competition beat. They are gorgeously packaged, contain useable items that you may already carry separately, and are an excellent value.

His Nipple Kit


Open a whole new world of excitement with erotic nipple action. Put the pressure on with this customized assortment of nipple accessories for him. Reached your desired pleasure with Nipple Vice Clamps and Advanced Nipple Suckers. Next, turn it on with intensely powerful waterproof clamps that provide vibrating sensations like no other.


  • 2 fully adjustable multi-use vice clamps
    • Soft, comfortable pads
    • Sturdy, non-tarnishing, nickel free chain
  • Two soft and pliable, squeezable nipple suckers
    • Flanged base for increased suction
  • 2 fully adjustable multi-use vibrating clamps
    • Incredible power
    • Silky smooth Satin Finish
    • Easy push button control

Nickel-Free Iron (chain, silver clamps)

Phthalate-Free PVC (suckers, pads)

ABS with PU Cote (vibrating clamps)

TPE (buttons)

Nylon (screws)

1” x 1” (vice clamps)

13” (vice clamps chain)

2.25” x 1” (each nipple sucker)

This item uses 6 Watch Batteries, and 12 are included!


Hers Intimate Kit


Increase intimacy by exploring new sensations with her own collection of nipple accessories. Tweezer Intimate Clamps and Nipple Play Nipple Rings offer the perfect combination of pleasure and play. Intensify arousal with Mini Nipple Suckers and Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps.


  • 2 multi-use, fully adjustable vibrating clamps
    • High intensity wireless motor with easy push button control
    • Waterproof for use everywhere
    • Silky smooth Satin Finish
  • 2 soft, squeezable nipple suckers
    • Incredible suction for increased sensitivity
    • Flanged base for extra suction
  • 3 multi-use, fully adjustable designer clamps for infinite possibilities
    • Sturdy, high-quality beads for added sensuality
    • Soft, comfortable pads
  • 2 non-piercing nipple accessories
    • Non-tarnishing, nickel-free

ABS with PU Cote (vibrating clamps)

TPE (buttons)

Nylon (screws)

Nickel-Free Iron (tweezer clamps, rings)

ABS (beads)

Phthalate-Free PVC (suckers, pads)

This item uses 6 Watch Batteries, and 12 are included!



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