Body Essentials from JO for Her


System JO has come up with some fantastic body care items – just for Her!

Here are some that are designed to keep you cool, fresh and comfortable all day long.


JO for Her Hot Flash Relief Spray


JO Hot Flash Relief spray is a hormone-free formula designed to provide immediate relief from hot flashes. Simply spray once to the chest and again to the back of the neck when hot flash symptoms occur. Just one spray will save your day!

Made with a concentrated oil derived from peppermint and mint, Hot Flash Relief provides a cooling, tingling sensation when applied to the body. Not only does it instantly cool you off, but it also provides a subtle plumping effect to the skin.

One application can last up to an hour, and it can also be used after the gym or any time you want to enjoy a cool, refreshing release.

4 oz. Spray bottle.


JO for Her pH Perfect Feminine Spray


JO pH Perfect Feminine Spray is specially formulated to help keep the vaginal area feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Use the gentle formula to freshen up after a workout, or pamper prior to foreplay and/or after intimacy. Infused with moisturizers like shea butter and cucumber fruit to promote comfort, the creamy liquid also offers a nature based odor neutralizer to help maintain freshness.

Available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. Spray bottles.


JO for Her Perfect Pits


Pheromones are the chemical signals the body releases to attract a mate. JO Perfect Pits Deodorant with Pheromones was clinically developed to enhance and amplify a woman’s natural pheromones while neutralizing unwanted odors.

Free of aluminum chlorohydrate, this deodorant uses a nature based odor neutralizer. This travel sized product is ideal for a purse, backpack or gym bag. Look good, feel good and smell good!
This roll-on deodorant is safe for daily use and contains no hormones or harsh chemicals to irritate skin.

2.5 Oz. Roll-On bottle.


JO for Her So Fresh! Hygiene Cream for Women


This premium hygiene cream delivers long lasting moisture control and comfort wherever you need it most. Use daily on hands, elbows, knees, armpits, groin area or anywhere else you experience chafing or irritation.

  • Non-greasy formula goes on fast and dries quickly into a gentle powder.
  • Talc Free, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free. Made with the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Goes on fast, provides long lasting freshness
  • Dries quickly into a soft powder
  • Talc Free, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free.
  • Perfect for use on knees, elbows, feet, hands, sensitive groin areas or any area of the body where additional moisture is present

4 oz. Tube


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