We-Vibe Solo Cheat Sheet

PicMonkey Collage

I know you know about the Couples’ Collection (after all, it is the top selling collection we have, and the 4 Plus is the #1 toy in the world) so let’s talk about their solo items today.

I love how varied this collection has become – there’s really something for everyone!  A bullet, a palm-sized massager, a G-spot vibe, and a Dual Stim – most in that sueded silicone, all with strong thumpy motors, all of them submersible and rechargeable, and some of them are app-enabled!



This, IMO is one of the strongest bullets on the market. So strong, in fact, that We-Vibe uses the motor in other items!

Click to read more about TANGO




This silky beauty – with a Tango motor inside! –  offers a delicate scoop in the tip, so you can go for either full-coverage stimulation, or a pinpoint experience.

Click to read more about TOUCH




This is the only Solo item that doesn’t use the Tango motor. In fact, the motor used in Rave is LARGER and STRONGER (omg!) with an even DEEPER rumble!

Plus, that asymmetrical shape ensures all your hot spots get some attention.

Click to read more about RAVE




This one-of-a-kind rabbit vibe offers 2 Tango motors, one in the shaft, and one in that delicious flexible stimulator.

The curve in the shaft makes sure you G-Spot gets the friction it needs, and the curve in the stimulator is designed to stay in contact with your clitoris, so it’s not only stimulating you via vibration, but thru that gentle rubbing as well!

Click to read more about NOVA


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